How to check where is website hosted

Our free Whois hosting checker tool allows you to explore where is a certain website hosted in a few minutes. Enter your domain name and use data from the first tab. There you will find IP address of the website, country, city and region where site’s server is located and hosting provider name. Thus, you can easily detect which server providers your competitors use and where they are located.

How to check where is hosted my website

Enter your domain name and use data from the second tab. There you will find the company name or person name who owns a domain and date of domain name creation. Sometimes you can find the domain’s owner email and mobile phone. Use them if you need contact this person for partnership request or any related questions. Moreover, such information can be useful for
  1. Comparative analysis of your website and your competitors. Find out whether your hosting provider is capable to bring your site success.
  2. Compare the prices of popular hosting providers.
  3. If you don’t knowwho is your hosting provider, it is a great chance to know.

How to choose the best hosting for SEO?

Sites that run quickly and smoothly are more likely to achieve higher search engine rankings, but this is only possible when hosted on top-notch hosting.
  • Server downtime.If it takes a long time to connect to the site, this is the first sign of unreliable hosting. Downtime not only affects overall performance, but also lowers rankings.
  • Page load time.It is a well-known fact that if it takes longer than three seconds to open, visitors are more likely to move on to the next option in the SERP. Therefore, the page load time is a very important ranking factor.
  • Server location.The location of the server plays an important role in providing quick access to your site for visitors. The closer the hosting “core” is to the target audience, the faster users are redirected to pages. Therefore, it is important for website owners to understand how closely hosting is related to SEO.

Popular Questions About Web Hosting

Here is a list of popular question people generally ask about web hosting.

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
Shared web hosting is a service which provides you with a certain portion of server resources for your data and website. Shared hosting is exactly that - multiple website domains hosted on the same server, sharing resources.
There are many criteria to consider when choosing a web hosting service; some are obvious and measurable (e.g., cost and guaranteed uptime), while other criteria (e.g., customer support) is more subtle and subjective.